My name is Sandy and my quilting journey began in 2006 when I lived in Auckland, New Zealand.  Some friends got together weekly to “quilt”.  I put that in quotes because for the most part we drank wine, ate snacks, and gabbed.  It was awesome.  One person actually completed a quilt, which was also awesome.  I was intrigued by the process, and by the math.  Yes, the math.  I’m an engineer by training, so math and I get along just great.

Anyway… a few years later I moved back to the US and through a friend at work had the chance to actually learn how to quilt.  This time I was a little more productive.

I now live on the North Oregon Coast with my husband Rich, and our two Goldendoodles Abby and Joey.  Yes, I am one lucky gal.  I’ve decided to document my quilting history, because it is cheaper than buying more fabric.  I don’t have enough room for more fabric.  😉

Sew… this is my story…