Glimmer by Jaybird pillow front finished

Apricot and Aqua Addendum

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This project happened for two reasons.  First, I did not want an older child to feel left out when her new baby sister got a quilt.  And second, I decided that I needed to get over my fear of teeny tiny piecing.  When I made the shot cotton Boomerang quilt for baby Henley, I knew I would have to make something for her older sister Marlow too.  Fortunately I had some fabric left over from making Marlow’s Apricot and Aqua quilt a couple years ago.  In fact I had a bunch of triangles that I had previously laid out that were big enough for a small pillow back.  I just had to dig them out of my stash and figure out what to put on the other side of the pillow!

The triangles were going to finish about 12 inches square.  That’s a pretty small pillow.  Then I remembered that the Glimmer pattern I used for the wild pillow for the church bazaar had a “mug rug” version that finished at 10 inches.  I could easily add an inch on all sides to make it fit!  Yay!  But… oh yeah.  Tiny pieces.  Ugh.  It was time to get over my fear and this was going to be the time to do it.  It was going to be such a small project.  How bad could it be?

I chose from my leftover apricot and aqua fabric and cut out my 1″ strips.  OMG.  Sooooo small, and no room for error.  I cut out my diamonds per the pattern and laid the pieces out on my chosen background.  Hmmmm.  I just didn’t feel the love.  Using the background fabric in the block itself was just not working for me.  So I found something with a little more contrast and finished up the block.  I didn’t do too badly with the tiny piecing, but I still don’t care for it.  The back has more fabric than the front does!

And there are a few points that I would do over if I had noticed them soon enough.  But it’s all done now, including my go-to invisible zipper.  And I must say it’s a cute little pillow!  I quilted the front with invisible thread, echo quilting a scant 1/4″ from some of the seams that radiated from the center.  It didn’t take much.  On the back I did straight line quilting with two different colored threads in two directions.  I must say that 12″ pillows go really fast!  I like that.  This pillow, and the shot cotton boomerang quilt and pillow have already been received, and I’m told they like their little gifts.  Yay!

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: July 2017
Quilted By: Me
Quilting Done: July 2017
Pattern: Glimmer by Julie Hermann of Jaybird Quilts
Fabric Line: Various Connecting Threads
Size: 12 inches square
For: Marlow
Occasion: Being a new big sister!