City Bound by David Jonathan Marshall

Beach Bound, City Bound

In 2012, Quilt Projects by S Adams

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The story behind my next quilt is way more interesting than the quilt itself.  The quilt was inspired by two paintings displayed in our favorite hotel in Cannon Beach, the Surfsand Resort.  The paintings, “Beach Bound” and “City Bound” by David Jonathan Marshall, hung over the bed in each room (at least all the ones we rented).  We loved these perspective paintings, one looking from Portland toward Cannon Beach, and the other looking back.

We had been taking our Goldendoodles Abby and Joey to Cannon Beach for years, and we always stayed at the Surfsand.  It was a magical kind of vacation.  We had regular eating spots, Bill’s Tavern and The Lumberyard (sadly now closed), that would allow dogs on their patios.  And if the weather wasn’t conducive to eating outside, there was always room service! We spent hours on the beach, throwing balls for the dogs and walking and walking and walking. It seemed that we and the dogs never tired of it.  One day, I was perusing the resort information during a break in the action.  I discovered that David Marshall was featured in the Modern Villa Gallery in downtown Cannon Beach.  Time for a w-a-l-k downtown!

When we got there, Rich kept the dogs outside and I went in to have a look around.  I was looking though the bins to see if they had the pictures I wanted, when the gentleman working there asked if I needed any help.  I proceeded to gush about these two paintings and how much I wanted to have them in my home.  Turns out, the gentleman was none other than David Marshall himself!  He helped me find the two I wanted and even signed the backs!!!  I was over the moon with excitement!  We took the giclée prints home, got them framed and hung them over our bed.  It was like being on vacation all the time!

But the traditional style store-bought quilt that was on the bed didn’t go at all well with our new modern artwork.  Another quilting opportunity!  So using colors pulled from the prints, I set about locating some modern fabrics.  I found a pattern called Sweet Pea that I thought complimented the prints.  The original size of the pattern was only 56.5″ x 67.5″ which would not cover our king bed.  So I added enough rows and columns to make it about the size of the mattress, and then figured I would add some solid borders to get to a final usable size.  Redoing the pattern for a king size required lots math, so I was a happy girl.

The quilt came together quickly, and it was off to Karen for quilting.  Since the bed was occasionally going to have dogs on, it I wanted a fairly dense pantograph that could stand up to some abuse.  We chose a pattern called Chestnut Swirls.  When it was done, I thought it looked great… except now I needed matching shams, because the ones we had really looked odd.

I used what little fabric I had left to make some sham covers and sent those off to Karen for quilting too.  I also enlisted her help in assembling the shams.  You can read about the method she used on her blog here.  Now I have a quilt and shams that go with my beloved artwork.

Final note – when we lived in the Portland area, the prints were hung with Beach Bound on the left and City Bound on the right… the order we experienced when going to Cannon Beach.  Now that we live on the coast (permanent magical vacation), they hang in the opposite order, with Portland being a destination rather than home.

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: Quilt: February 2012
Shams: June 2012
Quilted By: Karen Walker
Quilting Done: Quilt: May 2012
Shams: July 2012
Pattern: “Sweet Pea” by Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures
Fabric Line: Various Connecting Threads
Size: Pattern: 56.5 x 67.5 inches
Mine: 95 x 104 inches
Shams: 25 x 40 inches each
For: Myself
Occasion: None