Finished Chic Picnic front and back

Curves Ahead

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This quilt was initially intended for Alex, my dear friend Janet’s husband.  Alex had fallen quite ill, but it wasn’t known just exactly what the problem was. I started gathering inspiration and supplies but unfortunately by the time I had collected all the right tools and fabric, it had become apparent that there was no way I would finish anything in time. My husband and I learned of his passing a little over a year ago and spent some time grieving.  Once the feelings were a little less raw, I pulled out the fabrics and decided that I should finish the quilt as designed and give it to Janet.

The pattern I had picked was Chic Picnic by Sew Kind of Wonderful using their Quick Curve Ruler.  The fabrics I had chosen were some of my favorite on the planet… aboriginal design fabrics from Australia.  Janet and Alex had lived in Oz for a while so I thought that would be perfect.  I had seen the pattern done in aborignal fabrics at Boersma’s Sewing Center and absolutely fell in love with it.  I was terrified at the thought of doing curved piecing, but it was time to get over it.  I did some quick math in the store (badly as it turns out) and thought I was getting plenty of fabric to complete my project.

When I started cutting out rectangles it became apparent that I was going to need more fabric.  So after a very deep dive in my stash  (picking through several hundred individual 5″ charm squares) and another trip to my local quilt shop Center Diamond, I finally had enough.  The curved piecing took a little practice but wasn’t too bad because the pattern uses oversized blocks that are trimmed to the correct size.  There was a lot more cutting than I’m used to, but I was ecstatic with the end result and will be getting more of their patterns in the future.

My friend Susan offered up her longarm again (thank you Susan!) and I did a combination of pre-programmed motifs that mirrored the quilt blocks and free motion quilting.  It took a bit to get the hang of it, but as usual Susan was there to help and feed me lunch.


This was both the hardest and the easiest quilt for me to part with.  The finished quilt is easily one of my all time favorites, but I never considered keeping it.  It was meant to be Janet’s, and her thank you note tells me it’s in the right hands.  🙂

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: June 2019
Quilted By: Me on Susan’s longarm again!
Quilting Done: July 2019
Pattern: Chic Picnic by Sew Kind of Wonderful
Fabric Line: Various aboriginal prints with anything else that worked!
Size: Quilt Pattern: 75 x 75 inches
My Quilt: 60 x 75 inches
For: Janet
Occasion: Because a virtual hug from over 7000 miles away wasn’t enough.