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This king sized Fujita Maze quilt took me forever to finish!  The pattern was easy, but I managed to overcomplicate my project… again.  My color choices were driven by the artwork in our master bedroom.  And while I didn’t change the block colors too much, the sashing color changed several times.  My first choice, a mottled brown batik, just didn’t have the contrast or interest that I wanted.  Then I picked a fabric that I thought was the perfect fabric.  But of course I didn’t have enough of it and it was discontinued.  I found a yard of coordinating fabric online, but did not like the combination of the two and didn’t have enough of either one to complete the project.  Eventually I found another yard of that perfect fabric online somewhere, and I was finally able to start making blocks.  Phew!

Laying out the blocks seemed to take forever too.  This part drives my husband crazy.  “Just sew them together already and stop staring at them!”  Doesn’t he know that this is my favorite part?  Geez!  Anyway, after hours at the design wall and in the bedroom moving blocks around on the bed, I finally settled on a layout and sewed them together.

The borders also seemed to take forever.  Of course that’s partially because it is a king quilt.  The other part is that I changed the border fabric choices too, and then on top of that decided that I needed not one, not two, but three borders.  Way to make life hard!  My original mottled brown sashing choice became the border.  But it was just too plain without a little something extra.  I had enough of one of my fabrics to run a stripe through the middle of the brown which broke it up nicely and added a little interest.  Of course each decision changed the math.  I was perilously close to the maximum size batting available so I had to keep things in check.  I had pages of notes to myself on layout, cutting and final sizes and as you can see it got a little chaotic.  Despite the chaos, it seemed to come out the intended size.  Mostly.

I had always envisioned the quilt with two matching king shams so I planned ahead and made four extra blocks.  I specifically chose blocks that mirrored one of my favorite features in the artwork over our bed.  Can you spot it?  What I didn’t plan for, or didn’t plan for accurately at least, was the size of the shams.  Somehow what I sent out for quilting was regular sized shams and not king shams.  Arghhh.

Another thing that took forever was preparing the backing.  I needed a lot of backing for the king quilt, lining for two sham fronts and two sham backs as well as two sham backs themselves.  Thank goodness for wide backings!  But that backing came with little bits of crud inside the fold.  I’d had that happen before with a batik and some of it hadn’t been salvageable.  This time I was able to remove all the crud with a lint roller.  Anyone care to guess how long it takes to lint roller 5 yards (180″) of 106″ wide backing?  You guessed it, forever.

When it all came back from my longarmer with the lovely pantograph Seafoam on it, I started working on two things: 1) figuring out how to make the shams longer to fit my king sized pillows and 2) binding.  I ended up making some side pieces for the shams and then quilting them myself with some parallel curved lines.  It wasn’t optimal but still better then ripping out all of the nice quilting that Karen had done on the shams!  The final thing, and yes it took forever, was that dreaded binding.  I hand sewed it and had to put it down a few times because I just couldn’t face it anymore.  But it is finally all done now, and I love how it looks on the bed!  I think my Goldendoodles Abby and Joey like it too.  🙂

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: August 2018
Quilted By: Karen Walker
Quilting Done: January 2019
Pattern: “Fujita Maze” by Susan Guzman in McCall’s Quilting March/April 2013
Fabric Line: Various batiks
Size: pattern: 88 1/2 x 88 1/2 inches
mine: 96 x 116 inches
For: Myself
Occasion: None