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“Her” Christmas Tree Skirt

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I had finished “His” Christmas tree skirt, now I needed to make mine!  I was going to use a skirt I found on Peddlecar Quilts as my model.  I thought I had a great plan.  Since it was going to be strip pieced, I would use the slices cut with the wide end at the top of the strip set for the top of my skirt (blue slices in the diagrams below).  I would use the slices cut with the wide end at the bottom of the strip set for the back of my skirt (yellow slices in the diagrams below).  It would be reversible!  But my math was off.  Way off.  Arrgh!  I didn’t have nearly enough fabric to get that many slices out of my strip sets.  Fortunately I figured that out before I started cutting.

Instead I ended up cutting the slices for the top of the tree skirt with the wide ends at the top just touching.  It was a little harder because I had to make sure that I cut at the same angle every time.  But I got my 36 10° slices and had little tiny wedges from in-between leftover.

Digging through my stash produced enough coordinating fabric to piece together a backing.  Instead of messing around with binding on this one, I sewed the top and backing together right sides together (with the batting in place) and then turned the whole thing inside out.  It required a little more thought on my part, to get the ties in the right place.  I top-stitched around the edges to secure it all, and then quilted with stitch in the ditch.   The quilting was a little more challenging than what I did on “His” tree skirt, because the piecing on this skirt isn’t just a grid.  There was a lot of twisting and turning.  So not every ditch was lucky enough to get stitched!

I ended up using the little tiny wedges to make a half-round table topper.  (Although the topper spent at least two years pinned together waiting for my attention.)  The topper goes on my curio cabinet, which is where our nativity set sits at Christmas time.  So it all worked out!

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: November 2013
Quilted By: Me
Quilting Done: November 2013
Pattern: Inspired by Holly and Ivy Tree Skirt, by Diane Nagle of Peddlecar Quilts,  featured in Best Christmas Quilts 2012
Fabric Line: Various
Size: Tree skirt: About 48 inches in diameter
Half round: About 30 inches in diameter
For: Me
Occasion: Christmas 2013