Hokey Pokey quilt pattern by A Quilters Dream, front detail.

Hokey Pokey Throw

In 2010, Quilt Projects by S Adams

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This is the first quilt-sized quilt project that I completed.  I picked the pattern because it looked very forgiving.  There weren’t too many points that HAD to line up and a busy enough pattern that mistakes could be overlooked.

I learned a lot making this project too.

  1. A fat quarter is not necessarily the same as 1/4 yard.  This pattern called for fat quarters, and the way it is cut you really HAVE to have fat quarters.  Also, not all fat quarters are exactly 18″ x 22″.  Some had to be cut down and some were not actually big enough (grrrrrrr).
  2. Random is not at all easy (or random)!  I spent more time deciding which fabrics to pair in blocks and laying out the blocks, than all the rest of the time spent cutting and piecing.  I tried to make sure the same fabric did not end up next to itself; I tried to evenly spread out the darks and lights; and then finally tried to make sure any fabrics that I didn’t like together didn’t end up together.  It was exhausting!
  3. Read the directions carefully.  I had one cutting error that ensured I would not be able to follow the pattern.  The pattern said to square up my blocks to 5″ x 9 1/2″.  Somehow, mine got squared up to 5″ x 9″.  That meant my final quilt proportions would have been more square than rectangle.  I didn’t like that, so I changed the block layout from 7 x 13 to 8 x 12.  Happily that used all my blocks instead of having leftovers.

I enjoyed making this pattern though.  The challenge of “random” really appealed to me.  But it also pointed out the need for a design wall.  That came later.  Another thing I liked about this pattern was that it pretty much used the whole fat quarter.  No waste, no leftovers.  Nice!

The longarmer helped me pick out thread color and the pantograph (Popcorn) and I’m really happy with the final product.  It’s had a home in my bedroom since I finished the binding.

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: September 2010
Quilted By: Karen Walker
Quilting Done: December 2010
Pattern: “Hokey Pokey” by A Quilters Dream.
Fabric Line: Various
Size: Pattern: 58 1/2 x 63 inches
Mine: 52 3/4 x 66 3/4 inches
For: Myself
Occasion: None