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When I made Kai’s baby quilt, I decided that mommy and daddy should have a coordinating quilt.  The baby shouldn’t get all the attention!  So I looked at the remaining fabric and thought it looked like a jelly roll race quilt just waiting to happen.   That worked for me, because I hadn’t really left myself enough time to do any intensive piecing.

Google image searching produced a lot of pictures where there was a small square or triangle in between each strip.  I liked that look.  I particularly liked these two, the first from The Crafty Quilter and the second from A Peach in Stitches.

And since I wasn’t entirely sure I had enough strips, adding to the length was going to be helpful.  I also ran across a race calculator which really helped me figure out what size I was going to end up with, given the strips I had.  It made me realize that I was going to need to add borders, because I was just a little short on strips.  Fine!  I can do that.

The final hurdle was that since I didn’t actually have a jelly roll, I was going to have to determine the order of the strips on my own.  I ended up with a few of the same color strips right next to each other, but I still think it looks okay.  The busy borders help.

I learned a lot about jelly roll race quilts on this project.

  1. Having an actual jelly roll is probably far easier than trying to organize one yourself.  I really didn’t get the strip order right.  I ended up with a lot of repeating, and at one point I actually had to cut the project in half and turn one section 180° to make it look halfway decent.
  2. You really need enough strips to make a race quilt.  I probably should have raided the stash a little more.
  3. You can’t decide what size you want and then just count the right number of strips.  Because of the construction technique, it will be whatever size it’s going to be and there’s not a lot you can do about it.  It’s freeing and aggravating all at the same time!

Karen quilted the two quilts together with the pantograph Deb Swirl.  Mommy and Daddy seemed happy when the gifts were presented, but Kai slept through the whole thing!  Just as well. 😉

As mentioned in the post about Kai’s baby quilt – the yellow fabric color is a greenish yellow.  It doesn’t photograph well at all.  The only picture of the front with somewhat accurate color, is the picture of the quilt top before quilting.

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: July 2014
Quilted By: Karen Walker
Quilting Done: October 2014
Pattern: Jelly roll race
Fabric Line: Various, with many from Moonlit Sonata by Paintbrush Studios
Size: 48 1/2 x 73 1/2 inches
For: Kai’s mommy and daddy
Occasion: New baby Kai