Finished pink poodle pillow front detail

Pink Poodle Pillow

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I picked up a fabric panel from one of the ladies in my quilting group.  It had two rows of pink poodles that I just had to have.  Our dogs get groomed by a wonderful lady named Debbie who does an awesome job.  Our dogs just love her (and they are quite picky).  Debbie shows poodles and her grooming shop is decorated with lots of pink and turquoise and lots of poodles.  So this fabric was destined to be in a pillow for Debbie.  I was so excited to start on this small project that I never took a picture of the whole panel, which was about 18″ x 40″.  It had a couple rows of pink poodles, a couple rows of ladies in 50’s dresses and a row of 50’s cars along with some other bits.  These are the best pictures I can find from scouring the internet.  You can see one row of poodles at the very top.  Note to self… take more pictures!

Anyway, I ended up using the two rows of poodles on the front and some of the cars on the back and filled in with some solid pink and turquoise.  The rest of the panel ended up as lining.  I always forget how much fabric a pillow uses when you quilt both the front and back.  I thought I would have way too much, but I barely had enough!

I didn’t really have a pattern in mind, I just started making half-square-triangles and then started laying it out.  I overthought it for a while and then just started sewing.  Totally not me.  I could have overthought it some more.  🙂  When the front and back were pieced, I spray basted and quilted with straight lines either in the ditch or two inches apart.  During assembly I added an invisible zipper and ta-da!  Pillow!

We gave the pillow to Debbie this week when we picked up our clean, fluffy, beautifully trimmed dogs from grooming.  She seemed to like it!

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: January 2017
Quilted By: Me
Quilting Done: January 2017
Pattern: N/A
Fabric Line: Micheal Miller Paris Poodles (?)
Size: 16 inches square
For: Debbie (our fabulous dog groomer)
Occasion: Just because!