Finished front of Rick and Susan's Christmas tree skirt

“Their” Christmas Tree Skirt

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My brother Rick and his wife Susan found out that I had made Christmas tree skirts for myself and my husband Rich, and asked if I might make one for them.  Of course I would!  The only request they had was that their skirt have some white in it.  I was pretty sure I could do that!

I decided to go with the pattern I had used for Rich’s Christmas tree skirt.  It was much easier to quilt and wasted much less fabric.  I had some gold fabric left from doing my skirt, and found some pretty blue that also had gold metallic in it.  Throw in the requested white and I was all set with colors I thought would look nice in their living room.

I played with the layout a little bit and settled on what I hoped would appear to have the blue “spinning” one way and the white “spinning” the other way.  The golds ended up behaving like background.

Unlike the first skirt I did with this pattern, I used the “turn it inside out and stitch around the edge” method rather than doing a standard binding.  Many of my decisions were driven by the fact that we were going to be moving to the coast in the middle of this project.  I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take before my office/quilting room was up and running.  As it turned out I pieced it at the old house and quilted it at the new one.  My first project finish at the coast!

I used the remaining white and gold to piece the backing and added my very first quilt label.  If you look closely at the outside edge on the back, near the opening and ties, you’ll find my label.  It was sort of a joke, but sort of not.  Neither of my other tree skirts took very long from start to finish.  But because of the move, it felt like this one took forever.  Still, it was worth it!

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: June 2015
Quilted By: Me
Quilting Done: September 2015
Pattern: Inspired by this posting
Fabric Line: Various
Size: About 48 inches in diameter
For: Brother and SIL, Rick and Susan
Occasion: Christmas 2015