Cosmic Jewels quilt, Center carpenter star

What to do with all that leftover purple

In 2011, Quilt Projects by S Adams

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When I made Dean’s graduation present, I didn’t know he wasn’t a purple fan (weirdo).  So I ended up with a large amount of purple batik backing and some other purple fabric from the kit, that I had replaced with blue fabric.  What to do, what to do?  The obvious choice was to make another quilt with the same pattern, only this time in purple.  And my brother Ron had a purple couch.  And Christmas was coming.  I sensed the universe pushing me in a certain direction.  A little online fabric shopping and I was on my way!

Since I had already done the pattern once, I felt pretty good about knowing what I was doing.  I was pleasantly cruising along cutting out my pieces – and suddenly OUCH!!  I had a massive learning experience.  I had cut a chunk out of the tip of my index finger with the rotary cutter, because my finger was hanging over the edge of my ruler.  The chunk wasn’t big, maybe the size of a split pea.  But it hurt like heck and would not quit bleeding.  My husband heard my screams (half pain – half embarrassment) and hauled me off to the emergency room.

So much for knowing what I was doing.  It took a while, but my finger healed up nicely, with just a little spot that, to this day, has no feeling.  Okay.  Only one tip today:

  1. Be careful with that really really really sharp rotary cutter!  Watch where you put your fingers!

Without further incident, the quilt got finished and sent off to the longarmer.  I had been totally wowed with the quilting on Dean’s quilt, so I decided to go for custom quilting again.  Karen changed it up a little bit, with big stippling in the background and feathers in the star.  I was wowed again!

I finished doing the binding, which took forever and a day, and then shipped it off to Ron for Christmas.  Oops.  Should have looked at the photos first!  They all looked pink instead of purple.  Karen had sent me a few photos during the quilting process, and those had pretty accurate color, but mine were not so good.  I guess that would be another learning experience.  Take lots of pictures, and look at them before you wrap and ship!

Many thanks to Ron for performing the “washening” ceremony to remove the cat hair that Muffin so carefully placed on the quilt over the past few years.  And further thanks for taking more quilt pictures that show the colors better.  And further further thanks for having a purple couch.  You rule Ron!

The Project Photos

The Project Details…

Pieced By: Me
Piecing Done: June 2011
Quilted By: Karen Walker
Quilting Done: Oct 2011
Pattern: Cosmic Jewels
Fabric Line: Various Connecting Threads Batiks
Size: Pattern: 76 x 110 inches
Me: 75 1/2 x 110 inches
For: Brother Ron
Occasion: Christmas 2011